May 2022: PhAMAS at the PhILLIES

December 2021: Holiday Party


February 2020: New Frontiers of Data Analysis

October 2019: Visit to Philadelphia Airport


September 2019: Back to School - Perspectives on Higher Education

May 2018: James Spiotto: The Need to Return to the Basics of Municipal Financing -- Puerto Rico, PROMESA and Coming Attractions in the Land of Distress


April 2018: Cybersecurity Risks for the Municipal Sector


Erin Ortiz of Janney introducing our speakers. Pictured with Geoff Buswick of S&P.


Geoff Buswick of S&P.


Electric Industry Transition Including Disruptive New Technologies Such as Battery Storage


July 2017: Trump's Impact on Muni Market


 May 2017: David Skeel of UPenn Law, member of the Puerto Rico Oversight Board



January 2017: Municipal Market Outlook


December 2016: Detroit Resurrected: To Bankruptcy and Back


April 2016: From Volume to Value, Healthcare


December 2015: Holiday Party with Terry Smith as keynote speaker

October 2015: Politics and Public Opinion in PA


October 2015: The Municipal Information Age: New Media in the Municipal Bond Market


July 2015: What are the Newest Perspectives on Puerto Rico Bond Investing? 


April 2015: US Public Pensions: Past Promises, Today's Credit Challenge by Moody's Investors Service